September 20, 2014

Gov Suntai to be Sacked from Office, Assembly Sets Up Panel

 Signs have emerged that the "cabal" in Taraba State has perhaps overplayed in its farcical effort to restore brain-injured Governor Danbaba Suntai as the governor of the state. The cabal recently flew Suntai back to the state from London where he had been receiving additional treatment since June.

But the camp of the acting governor is not ready to let go of the power in their control.

Consequently, in a bid to resolve the lingering dispute over the governor’s state of health, the Taraba State House of Assembly has constituted a five-man medical panel to determine Suntai’s fitness.

Despite his compromised mental capacity, a cabal close to the governor had tried to create the impression that Suntai was ready to resume duties as governor.
According to Sahara Reporters, former General TY Danjuma, who made billions of dollars in the oil sector, is the major source of funds for the small but powerful cabal, made up of the governor’s wife and other political cohorts in the state. The group, which is determined to wrest political power from the state’s acting governor, has rigged media interviews for the governor and released statements ostensibly authorized by Suntai's wife in its effort to portray him as mentally competent...

UPDATE: What is Happening Now in TB Joshua's Church

After the ever bubbling Synagogue Church was dramatically thrown into a simmering confusion as a result of the collapse of the Church’s foreign guest house building where more than 80 people have been reportedly killed, people from far and near have continued to throng the place to see the extent of the damage.

While some were there to find their friends and loved ones who either are members of the church or workers in the vineyard of God, others have come to show solidarity to the man of God.

As some foreigners were seen waiving their country’s flags in solidarity for the founder of the church, Pastor TB Joshua, a middle aged woman made a desperate dash from one corner to another in search of her son trapped in the collapsed hostel building on Wednesday.

She mumbled just a few words in prayer: ‘God forbid he was there’, as the tractor pulled out some debris laced with human clothes. Fears, tension was in the air as wailing and shout of ‘Jesus’ took over the area. Security operatives had a hectic time controlling the surging crowd just as rescue work continue day and night.

However, the last may not have been heard about the

Actress Tonto Dikeh has been Dumped by her Rich Boyfriend?

 Actress Tonto Dikeh is not happy at the moment and her grouse is with girls who always go after any man that is making her happy. According to her latest hint, it appears another lady has snatched her rich man and she is so pained that she even contemplated using acid to attack her boyfriend snatcher...

BIG BOY: Balotelli arrives Liverpool training in £240,000 Ferrari

When you've made big money, you make big things happen. Mario Balotelli drove to Liverpool training on Thursday in his £240,000 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta that has been shipped over from Italy. The 24-year-old has been reunited with his supercar, which was seen arriving at Liverpool’s Melwood training base as Balotelli and his team-mates prepare for Saturday’s Premier League trip to West Ham.

The Italy forward joined Brendan Rodgers side in a £16million switch from AC Milan in August and he will have been buoyed by the fact his luxurious vehicle has finally made the same move.
Good enough, Balotelli is shinning on the pitch after opening his account with a goal against Ludogorets in Liverpool’s 2-1 Champions League win on Tuesday.

Lagos Government Moves against TB Joshua's Synagogue

OluFamous.Com believes that Lagos state leadership should stop seeing the collapse of Prophet TB Joshua's building as ordinary as it seems on the surface. Federal government is condoling TB Joshua, as a way of having the respected prophet on their side for 2015, but I don't know about Lagos APC government.

According to a Punch report, the Lagos State Government has moved against the popular Synagogue Church of All Nations, Ikotun, whose building collapsed last week, under very strange circumstances.

It appears Lagos State government is not ready to look at the strange aircraft angle of the saga, their focus is the fact that the building was started as a two-storey building before more floors were added.

Consequently, the Lagos State Building Control Agency has, therefore, marked the main building of the church, asking for relevant documents to prove its structural integrity.
The General Manager, Lagos State Building Control Agency, Mrs. Abimbola Animashaun-Odunayo, who confirmed that TB Joshua's main church building had been marked by the agency, said it had requested that

So Women who are Above 40 Enjoy more Satisfying S*x

As couples approach the middle years, it is believed that their bodies, psychology, hormones, lifestyles and s*xual responses change. This change, many opine could be gradual or subtle but could reduce or increase the spark in their s*x life.

However, a new study says none of these changes interferes with a full s*x life of women. The study claims that women grow increasingly satisfied with their s*x lives after they turn 40.

The study states that s*x has simply become an act or another activity of fun like a game of basketball for women in such older age or 40 above, knowing that they may not be able to get pregnant again when above menopause age.
This, according to the study, removes the ruinous risk or life-changing blessing – procreation – that has accompanied s*x since puberty. Besides, it explains that as partners become older, more experienced and more trusting of each other, they may become less inhibited in their views of what constitutes satisfying s*x.
Ever wondered why some older women ‘recruit’ young men, old enough to be their grandchildren, for such ‘work’, this probably explain why...

Read Dele Momodu's Exposé on Nigeria and the BIG Abuse

Fellow Nigerians, this is a very difficult moment in our country. It is also a confusing period for many of us. The only way to make sense out of the nonsense is to join the madness. We need to put ourselves in the position of those who see nothing wrong with our present predicament. If you’re on social media, you would be amazed at the contributions of some Nigerians who believe we actually live in Eldorado. Perhaps.

I’m beginning to think they are right and we are wrong. May be, we’ve been blinded by our inability to see and appreciate what the Federal Government has been able to achieve monumentally. I have no doubt that they are trying their best. My worry is if they can ever rise above this level even if they spend eternity. I decided to join their train this week and wish to invite you all to join me as I experiment a new style of reasoning.

What you are about to read therefore is the voice from the other side of the divide. I’m determined to discover what drives those guys [in the Presidency], why they don’t feel what we feel and we can’t feel how they feel. Is it that life is so good for them and so bad for the rest of us? For once, let’s try their shoes on and imagine their thought process. Why is it so difficult to accept their way of life and vice versa? Can there ever be a meeting point for us? The number of PDP operatives stuns me. What principle and ideology drives their faith? I see some very bright people and just wonder endlessly.
As I started writing this piece today, one song we used to sing in my childhood days came to my mind: “come and see, American wonder; come and see, American wonder.”
Ours is a wondrously terrific country...

Female Singer Emma Nyra Shows Off In New Photos

She recently told the media that she loves exposing her body cos that's what people want to see and here she is again, Emma Nyra has released some lovely photos for you guys. Check them out below:

Boko Haram Unraveling: The #JanjaweedConnection

A lot has happened really quickly in recent weeks in regards to the unraveling of the Boko Haram deadly sect. We have several breaking news events that all fit as pieces of the treacherous puzzle. I will attempt herein to arrange some of these with some chronology so we appreciate how far we have come in understanding the world’s worst terror organization and what we need to do.

The Beginning of the Unraveling
With the abduction of 234 Chibok Angels on April 14th, 2014, Boko Haram finally outdid themselves. This abduction brought global focus and pressed the Nigerian Presidency after first trying to lie it away, pretending to have rescued the girls, then calling the teachers to harass them to try to harass it away; to finally invite global players to assist Nigeria solve what the Jonathan Government was totally unwilling or too incompetent to.

The entrance of the USA, France, etc was useless and only succeeded in exposing how incompetent the Nigerian military was. But the real blessing if I dare use such word, of the abduction was the invitation of terror negotiator, Australian Dr. Stephen Davis. Stephen Davis was hired by the Jonathan Government to negotiate with Boko Haram. He was lodged in the capital and flown in Presidential private jets to Borno to meet with terror leaders.

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SEE lovely Photos of actress ChaCha Eke's beautiful Daughter

This cute little girl is Kamarachukwu Darlene Fanni, first daughter of actress ChaCha Eke. She was a year old on Saturday September 19, and her proud mum just released her birthday pix online. More photos:

Do You Want To Know The TRUTH About P'Square?

The legendary twins are here - and we're a loving it. On this new episode of "The Truth" with Olisa Adibua, we meet with African entertainment royalty - Peter and Paul of P-Square. Known for their ground breaking music, breathtaking stage performances but notorious for staying clear of the media, P-Square take time off preparing for the launch of the Double Trouble album and graciously open up to Olisa.

They touch on humble beginnings, friends and family, the making of the new album, their relationship with the Jackson family and of course the much talked about Okoye family feud which threatened the future of the group. Watch the video and find out The TRUTH about P'Square!

2015: Why Governor Lamido endorsed Jonathan for Presidency

Indications have emerged that the leadership of the Northern Governors’ Forum scored a big political point on Thursday by convincing the Jigawa State Governor, Alhaji Sule Lamido to endorse the presidential ambition of President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015.

Competent party sources told Saturday Vanguard that the chairman of the Northern Governors’ Forum and Niger State Governor, Dr. Babangida Aliyu, who is said to have the ears of the Jigawa governor, was given the task to work on Lamido to join the train in endorsing Jonathan.

To get the governor to join his colleagues in giving his assent to Jonathan to fly the PDP flag, Aliyu reportedly told Lamido that Jonathan had accepted to abide by all the commitments that he made to Jigawa people during his electioneering campaign in the state in 2011.

Top on the list of the commitment extracted from Jonathan for Lamido is that

The only Thing on My Mind now is to Make Heaven –100yrs old Nigerian Woman

It was obvious that Mrs. Lydia Adeyemi was old but she did not look anything 100 as she sauntered across the room to meet Punch correspondents - Gbenro Adeoye and Tunde Ajaja. In this interested chat, she speaks about her life and what she remembered of the last century. Enjoy...

Many people would wish to clock 100 years like you, how does it feel?
Only God can give the power to live long because it is beyond human power. No man has total control over his life or the power to decide how long he wants to live. It is only what God says over someone’s life that would come to pass. So, I give God the glory because it is beyond me.

Do you still have friends, like age mates that you grew up together with who are also alive?
There is none again, as much as I know; they have all died. I can’t really say if there are still such people of my age in the town where I come from, but in the church that I attend here, the very old have retired to their homes and the ones that still come to church are younger than I am.

Now that you are 100 years old, how long would you like to live?
It depends on what God wants. I’m only waiting for his time. The only thing on my mind is to make heaven.

What fond memories do you have about your growing up?

Jonathan lacks the Experience to Lead Nigeria –Atiku Abubakar

"This insurgency shouldn’t have lasted even six months. Within weeks, we (Obasanjo and Atiku) crushed it because we did not neglect military training and, of course, we did not lack the leadership and the capacity to take decisions. 
"I told Nigerians that he [Jonathan] did not have the capacity; he didn’t have the experience. He didn’t have anything and yet they gave him the chance, the opportunity. And they can now see the chance and the opportunity they gave him. Of course, I’m more experienced than he is. I believe my capacity cannot be compared with his, in all respect.”
These are the words of ex-Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, in an interview with AFP. 2015 is here!

Meet LASU Best Graduating Student; Says he Puts God First

Ajayi Iseoluwa, 24, is the best graduating student of the Lagos State University in the 2012/2013 academic session, having finished with a CGPA of 4.67 from the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering. He tells Punch's Tunde Ajaja about how he emerged the best:

What attracted you to engineering?
I’ve always had a flair for mathematics and I love to proffer solutions to people’s needs. I imagined many things in my childhood days and as I grew older, I just knew engineering was my preferred choice. I read a story on Dr. Philip Emeagwali, a renowned scientist, when he invented some micro-processors, and it was a great motivation for me, so much that I kept a copy of that page. When the time came for me to choose a course, I prayed about it and since God gave me the go ahead, I was completely convinced that I was on track.

When did you start leading your class?
By the end of 100 level, I was already the best student in my department, faculty and my level. By God’s grace, I finished every session as the best student in my set.

Did you take any decision as a fresh student that helped you eventually?
In a way, I made a special decision as a fresh student. The same one I always make wherever I go. The same policy that I have always believed in: God first and never settle for mediocrity, and that was influenced by my little experiences in life, academically and in other areas.

Jonathan condoles TB Joshua, Sends in Experts to Investigate Strange Building Collapse

President Goodluck Jonathan has sent experts to the scene of Strange synagogue building collapse to go in and look at the facts, with regards to finding out the real cause of the questionable collapse of the building.

Jonathan, who commiserated with TB Joshua over the sad incident, directed the team to conduct immediate investigation into the immediate and remote causes of the collapse and report back to the FG.

NEMA Director of Search and Rescue, Air Commodore Charles Otegbade led the FG team who arrived the scene along with other government officials, including experts on building control.
According to him, “The team has been mandated to collect all necessary data, samples from SCOAN for further investigation, with the aim of determining the immediate and remote cause(s) of the disaster.

September 19, 2014

PHOTOS: Meet The S*xiest Man in Nigeria

Jim Iyke is there he hasn't claim s*xiest, but actor Benson Okonkwo says he is and he even boasted about it. Some agree that he is, many say he is not. Check out more of his photos below and decide:

SEE Latest Revelation of How TB Joshua's Building went Down

Photo: This is how the Hercules C-130 can cause massive damage when it gets on top a building.
The terrorist attack alleged by popular Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua as the cause of a guest-house collapse in his church on Friday 12th September 2014 has taken a new development with the release of fresh sets of pictures that clearly revealed the ‘strange aircraft’ involved in the wicked act.

This is a controlled demolition,” a YouTuber agreed. “The land underneath the building was cleared with explosives first in order for it to fall straight down. I'm a mechanical engineer and can vouch for this.”
Consequently, a 48 hour ultimatum has been given to the Nigerian government by The Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) to make public their investigations into the incident. 
The (Synagogue Church) location is far from any approach to the Ikeja or any airport in Lagos hence it is abnormal for any plane to head for the location at all,” the statement read, warning that the United Nations would be informed if findings were not unveiled transparently and immediately...

Ladies, What Do You Think of This Girl's Dressing?

Some girls are acting as if they can't wear a dress unless it portrays indecency. Just check out the full pix:

Husband Sells his Own Wife to Ritualists

Money is good, but the love of money is the root of all evil.
Men of the Nigerian police force have arrested a man for selling his own wife to black magic practitioners who were looking for a vir-gin to sacrifice, all in a bid to make quick money.

According to police, the deal which was struck in the central Nigerian state of Plateau was cancelled at the last minute when the ritualists realised that the woman was not a vir-gin but a housewife.
“The man lured his wife to a bush under the pretext of fetching firewood and sold her to two ritualists for 800,000 naira (about $5,000), Plateau state police spokesman Abuh Emmanuel told AFP. He said the man, from Kwalla town, lied to the ritualists that the woman was a virgin and had been given part of the money.

Omotola dazzles at the Premiere of Blood in the Lagoon in US

When you talk of the senior girls, Omotola is the best actress in Nigeria and she has proven that again with her style of delivery in Teco Benson's latest movie - Blood In The Lagoon. The premiere took place in Texas over the weekend and Omotola was there to dazzle her fans. Check out more photos:

Photo: Thousands of People Queuing Just to Buy the iPhone 6

The craze to be among the first to own the new iPhone 6 is so strong that some can do anything for it. lol!

Funke Akindele looking like A Real Chick as she Rocks Denim

In recent times, the beautiful actress has up her game with regards to her fashion sense. Such a cute chick!

Tinubu is Back to Nigeria, Rubbishes Rumors of Sickness

APC national leaders and former Governor of Lagos, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, returned to Nigeria on Thursday after a prolonged trip abroad and denied rumors that he was seriously ill.

Speaking to reporters at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Tinubu said he was never indisposed during his trip abroad. He asked God to forgive those who spread rumors about his ill health.
“I’m as fit as a fiddle,” said the former governor. He added: “There was nothing wrong before I left the country. We had the Osun gubernatorial election and I’d planned a long vacation and some other research assignments in the political arena. It was to learn from people who had experienced the development of opposition parties in the past.”

Photo: Fashola meets the Men and Woman who survived Ebola

In a bid to discourage stigmatization, Governor Fashola hosted Ebola survivors in his office on Thursday. Good!

PHOTOS: Actress Arrested by Police was Having S*x Openly

This is one of the reason why OluFamous.Com don't jump to post stories about black ladies claiming racist action against them by government officials in the United States. It's always good to have all the facts as some of these ladies actually go against the law and when they are caught they claim it's racism.

Last week, the story trended of how the "Django Unchained" actress, Daniele Watts cried racism against the LAPD, claiming they harassed her because she was just making out with her white boyfriend in a car.

But pictures of the crazy thing she was doing have been leaked to TMZ and the evidence show that she was in fact "riding" her boyfriend inside the car that was parked at a public place, openly. 

According to an eyewitness, Daniele's boyfriend, Brian was sitting in the passenger seat with his feet on the curb and Daniele was straddling him with her shirt pulled up, bre*sts exposed. The eyewitness says Daniele was grinding on top of him, rocking back and forth inside the car...