Blac Chyna's pics deleted from Rob's page because she talks to him anyhow

It's really not easy to marry some of these ladies of today, but guys won't agree until they have a taste of things themselves. It is not easy at all...lol.

According to an insider, "Rob and her have been getting into little tiffs and Blac Chyna flipped on Rob. He was so p*ssed at how she spoke to him, so much so that he deleted everything about her."

Rob is quiet but hates it when a woman is the 'insulting type'. He had thought that Blac Chyna would change her attitude, especially now that she's pregnant and would soon be a mum but it appears she's even getting worse with the harsh words whenever they have issues.

This time, after realizing herself, sources say she apologized, Rob has forgiven her since he doesn't want to be away from his first child.

E! News reports that after Rod deleted her pictures, the pair are back on good terms. "They're not broken up," People magazine also quoted one of Blac Chyna's friend.