Nigeria's Economy Falls Into Recession

Information reaching OluFamous.Com indicates that the Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, told the Senate in session this afternoon that Nigeria's struggling economy is finally in recession.

When asked if we are in recession, Mrs Adeosun said; "Technically, Yes." She also confirmed in clear terms that there is no more subsidies. With this reality, what is the way out?

These are indeed troubling times for many families. Inflation figures are scary. The cost of goods and servicing are increasing on a daily basis. The value of the Naira is not encouraging, especially at the notorious black market which operates with virtually no control.

I hope the government will be able to fashion out a realistic way forward in the shortest possible time.


  1. Hmmmm..... God! We are in your hand , we commit Nigeria into your hands.

  2. Hassan Aderemi21 July, 2016 16:38

    Problems identified is half solved, our economy team needs to strategize way out from this recession

  3. It can only get better for us.

  4. All we need at the situation like this in this country is God intervention

  5. I suggest a composition of formidable economic team asap,,,

  6. Oluwa saanu wa o.

    #Olu,can you see?


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