Car Flew 200 Meters, Falls Off Bridge In Abuja; Passengers Hospitalized (Photos)

Those in the vehicle are really lucky, it missed the Jabi Lake by just a few inches. According to one who witnessed it, the accident occurred at about 10am along the busy Shehu Yar’Adua Expressway opposite the Jabi Lake Mall.

An official of Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, who witnessed the accident said the driver lost control due to over speeding.

He said, “I was coming about a hundred meters away when the car flew off the neck of the bridge and disappeared down the cliff. The driver of the car was running very fast on the speed lane when another car interrupted him and he attempted to veer towards the service lane.

“He, however, lost control as the car swerved off the neck of the bridge and glided dangerously towards the lake and only stopped inches from the water.”

The official told PT that both the driver and the lone passenger were taken to a nearby hospital.


  1. Overspending kills! Thank God 4 dir lyf.

  2. Thank God for their lives. #somepeoplewillneverlearn

  3. Result of reckless driving..

  4. Thank God for der life...

    #Olu, can you see?

  5. I passed there around 12pm. I didn't notice sha

  6. Hassan Aderemi28 July, 2016 21:48

    That's serious.

  7. Sometyms its not over speeding, most of dis roads are not normal there is alot of evil things happening in some parts of abuja most especially the lakes, lonely roads. I ad an accident in january where linda ikeji posted rubbish dat i was drunk n fell into the ditch. How can i be drunk when i just closed from work and i know wat i saw before i ad d accident.


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