Dogara tried to break into my office and seize the key evidence — Jibrin

Former chairman of House Committee on Appropriation, Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin, on Thursday said unnamed individuals acting on the orders of Speaker, Yakubu Dogara, had moved computers used by officials of the committee.

In a fresh statement, Jibrin said there was also an attempt to burgle his office, saying all the systems he had used were shut down. Details below:

“Speaker Dogara has ordered that all the computers in the appropriation secretariat be shut down and moved to his office as if that is the answer to the allegations I raised,” he said. “The secretariat staff are being harassed to keep quite and suppress facts. There has also been an attempt to break into my office at the House.”

Jibrin said Speaker Dogara’s action was calculated at manipulating documents to use in unfolding the budget padding scandal involving him, the speaker, his deputy, Yusuf Lasun, House Whip, Alhassan Doguwa and Minority Leader, Leo Ogor.

He said the plan would not work because he was in possession of “enough evidence” already.

“I know he wants to tamper with documents critical to his and the three others future investigation and prosecution but unfortunately for him we already have enough evidence in our possession,” he said.

He urged Dogara to allow an independent investigations into the allegations, if he's sure of himself.


  1. Serz wasted effort, tot he said he wasn't guilty..

  2. Hassan Aderemi29 July, 2016 11:21

    Interesting top secret!

  3. EFCC should move in immediately to stop all this intimidation on Jibrin, the truth of everything must come out.

  4. Pls expose them all. I'm really dissappointed in speaker. Never thought speaker can do such

  5. He (Jubril) should have expected such. I'm not surprised.

  6. Dis is getting interesting day by day

  7. dey witchhunt una sef. Rubbish leaders.

    #Olu, can you see?


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