Ekiti Assembly Reacts To Members Certificate Forgery Saga

The federal government is set to prosecute about 9 Ekiti Assembly members for certificate forgery. In a reaction to the planned prosecution, the Chairman, Committee on Information of the Assembly, Mr. Gboyega Aribisogan, said no member had been invited by any security agency for questioning.

He said there could be no prosecution without investigation and subsequent indictment.

Aribisogan added, “Up until today, none of our members has been invited by any security agency. There can be no prosecution without investigation by the police. This is part of the rumour and propaganda from the enemies of the government.

“None of our members forged certificates. We went through screening with the DSS and we duly submitted our certificates to INEC and underwent proper documentation.

“Have they checked with the West African Examinations Council or relevant educational institutions to confirm their (certificates) authenticity or otherwise. No security agency will buy into the propaganda.”

Security agencies said the schools the members claim to have attended and places they also worked all said they have no records of the 9 members in question.


  1. This case will be swept under the carpet.na today?

  2. This state and their headache

  3. Hassan Aderemi25 July, 2016 10:07

    The truth will soon be told.

  4. That's serious. I can't wait to see the outcome

  5. We don hear..

  6. wetin dey go talk bfor.

    #Olu,can you see?


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