EXCLUSIVE | Prophet Accused of Sleeping with Married Lady Reveals what Happened

Earlier today, report surfaced on the social media alleging that Prophet Obi O. Obi of Anchor of the Restoration Church located at Owufuju Street, Asaba, Delta State, was caught with a married woman.

The story was accompanied with pictures showing him in his panties holding his church banner as he was being paraded on the streets. No one could have doubted the authenticity of that story.

But Prophet (Dr.) Obi O. Obi called Olu Famous, publisher of OluFamous.Com on phone and gave his own version of the saga - what really happened. The man of God said he was set up by a lady.

What really happened? Who is the lady? Read the shocking details...

Prophet Obi told OluFamous.Com that he was set up by a lady who was the Secretary of his church but was dismissed few months back and she became bitter. How did it start? He said he received a call from someone who sounded distressed, telling him that there was an emergency and begged him to come quickly to pray for a sick person who was about to die.

He was given a certain address and he rushed down as a Prophet who doesn't hesitate to help anyone in distress. Unfortunately, as soon as he got to the address he was kidnapped, bundled into a vehicle and driven back to his church. He said the guys who abducted him assaulted him and accused him of sleeping with a married woman, without mentioning the name of any woman to him.

So, it wasn't as if Prophet Obi was caught red handed sleeping with a married woman as was alleged.

When they got to his church, the guys brought him down from the vehicle, forced him to take off all he was putting on, he then sighted the same lady who he sacked as the Secretary of his church.

That was how he got to know she was the one who sent them to disgrace him and rubbish his church.

Prophet Obi said two of the guys who kidnapped him from the compound he was invited to and took him back to the front of his church, had guns and shot in the air, claiming to be SARS.

He said he had to "cooporate" with them, to avoid being shot. And he used his church's programme banner to cover himself after the guys had stripped him to his pants. He told OluFamous.Com that nobody could come close to help him because two of the guys had guns.

He said all the allegations against him are false, and that was why no woman was seen in the pictures that were sent to the social media. Prophet Obi added that the incident happened since on Wednesday and that Police is now involved. They have obtained the phone number that was used to call him and have assured him that all those involved in the CONSPIRACY would be tracked down.

He said everyone to disregard those pictures circulating, saying he only played along to save his life.


  1. What a wicked people they. Hope they are caught soon

  2. Hassan Aderemi22 July, 2016 19:41

    That's serious, but imagine the damage they might have done to his image, not everybody will have opportunity to hear the other side of the story from this Pastor again.

  3. I knw it was a temptation. And I pray yous God saves you and strengthens you

  4. This is not fair to the pastor. "Touch not my annoiting and do prophet no harm". Those that did that will see other side of God except the pastor truely involved in the allegation

  5. Y all dis rubbish? Dis world sha!

  6. Surely, dere's always 2 sides 2 a story, hope d perpetrators r caught soonest.

  7. Hmmmmmmmmmm. na Naija we dey

    #Olu,can you see?

  8. A vicious world we are living in. One where pastors and fellow so called men Of God, stoop so low and scheme to out do each others. Especially if u don't belong to their cabal. That's why there is no unity amongst Christians. It's appalling! Where is the narrated woman he allegedly slept with? Who is the husband? Which family has come out to claim it was their iyawo that this pastor slept with? See now? The house where he was graciously caught "red handed", hm? Did she scream out? Horrible events. Non Christians would be laughing at them chewing themselves. I read my case for now!

  9. Obi are you really sure of what you said because I have a lot of your confessional videos oooo oooo. Don't try to tarnish someone image when yours can be destroyed with the truth

    1. Chinyere ikem go nd hide

  10. Don't be too quick to condemn, if u accuse this man of sleeping with somebodies wife, where is she? Many innocent man of God have been accuse and killed over the years...if you read the scriptures you will see that it has been the case, even Jesus had to escape being leeched by the mob. Even though he may be wrong, we all make mistakes, we are not innocent enough to pass quick judgement on especially a man of God. Please remove this picture, this man is innocent.

  11. All those involved in this act should be brought to book. Mr Olu Please follow it up.

  12. Mr. Olu pls follow up this story. The woman and her husband set up this man of God because of lies spoken to them by his former secretary Chinyere Ikem (who commented above on this forum) she vowed to destroy prophet Obi because she was dismissed. Reporters are already paying visits to the house of Charles and ifeyinwa Okechukwu,the couple who set up the prophet.

  13. What chinyere ikem said is absolutely true. The prophet is fake

  14. What chinyere ikem said is absolutely true. The prophet is fake


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