Female Staff R*ped as Robbers storm Biggess Hotel in Ogun

A five man robbery gang on Sunday afternoon invaded Biggess Hotel located at Akute area of Ogun State. They robbed the hotel, staff and lodgers of undisclosed sums of money, personal effects and other valuables.

The dreaded guys arrived the hotel at 1:30pm in a Honda Accord car with reg. No.: KSF 707 BL.

They had calmly entered the hotel as guests before making their way to the barman and lodgers.

They reportedly r*ped a worker (name withheld ) in the hotel, while they carted away an undisclosed sum of money made from lodging and sales of drinks.

One of the victims, who pleaded anonymity, said he was robbed of his N85,000 which he just withdrew from a nearby bank and proceeded to the hotel to wait for his friends. He said: “After I withdrew money from the bank nearby, I proceeded to the hotel to relax and wait for my friends.

It was one of the robbers who opened the door for me. Immediately I entered, another one gave me a heavy blow and asked for all I had. They took my wallet with the money and a Nokia phone. When they were leaving, they threw out my wallet and made away with the money and phone. ”

The hotel manager was said to have gone to the Ajuwon Police Station to report the robbery when New Telegraph visited the facility, but a waitress confirmed the raid.

She said: “All the money with the barman was stolen. They broke the freezer and destroyed all the drinks, stole lodgers laptops, Ipads and phones. A worker was raped during the attack.”

But the robbers met their waterloo while escaping. They were apprehended at the failed portion of Denro-Isasi-Berger Road, while fleeing.

Commercial motorcyclists popularly called Okada riders were said to have reported the attack at Ojodu Abiodun Police Station. Policemen and hundreds of motorcyclists pursued the robbers and got them at Berger area of Lagos.

The robbers were taken to Ajuwon Police Station in whose jurisdiction the hotel is located.


  1. this is too bad and unacceptable.

  2. Hassan Aderemi25 July, 2016 13:27

    Kudos to the police & the residents in the community especially the motorcyclists for efforts to have apprehended the robbers, these bad guys take delight in terrorising innocent citizens hard earn money. Police should torture them to name other gang members & prosecute them accordingly.

  3. My appreciation goes to these gallant Okada riders who ensured the arrest of the criminals. I pray they won't be released by police men so that the boys will not come back for reprisal attacks

  4. Desperate robbers! Thanks to the police and residents.

  5. Tnk God dey were caught..

  6. Kudos to d joint effort of police nd residents in getting dem arrested

  7. God bless the okada riders nd the police dey did well

  8. #GoodJob.

    #Olu,can you see?


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