FOR REAL? Niger Delta Militants To Declare A New Republic Next Month

Another Niger Delta militant group, the Adaka Boro Avengers (ABA), have said that nothing would stop them from declaring the Niger Delta Republic on August 1, 2016.

In a statement signed by General Ed­mos Ayayeibo, the group said it has concluded ar­rangements to make the Niger Delta Republic a reality even as it ordered its people to return home and northerners and westerners to leave the Ni­ger Delta and eastern states immediately.

It also issued a quit no­tice to the military and all agencies belonging to the Federal Government to evacuate the Niger Del­ta states and the eastern parts without delay. Fail­ure to obey the order, it said on Sunday, would lead to a total destruction of military per­sonnel and agencies.

The statement read:
“We, the Adaka Boro Avengers and all the free­dom fighters in the Niger Delta region have met and come to a conclusion that we are declaring the Niger Delta Republic three weeks from today.

“So we are by this notice calling on the Nigerian government to move out all military personnel and all government agencies out of the Niger Delta. Fail­ure will lead to destruction of military barracks and personnel.

“We are, also, by this no­tice calling on our fathers, mothers, brothers and sis­ters living in the northern parts of Nigeria to return home immediately.

“We are also warning northerners and western­ers to leave the Niger Delta region immediately within three weeks from now, for their own good.

“If they refuse to heed to our warning, we will use so many as example in the Niger Delta region on the due date.

“We are telling the Ni­gerian government that enough is enough and we are taking our indepen­dence by force. We have our foreign backers, so we are not afraid of the Nige­rian government but ready for total war.

“The inhuman treatment given to us by Nigerian government is enough. We can no longer withstand the suffering of our Niger Delta people. They should not take us for fools.”


  1. You should have gone ahead to declare it without making this announcement. By following this path, it clearly shows that they are another group of jesters. FG should step up and spread their security network to curtail this hydraheaded monsters before it grows out of hand. A nje'ko ko tan l'awo e tun ng'owo re s'awo.

  2. Bunch of jokers! To even think they are doing all these for their selfish reasons is hurting enough.

  3. Let them go the crude that is making them happy would soon be like a curse to them that is if it doesn't kill them

  4. See rabbit calling themselves elephant. This people should let peace reign in Nigeria because we're tired of blood shield. Their elders should tell them the truth because they are too young to face the war they want to start. Anyway, that is just an advice.

  5. Till august for first.God is still alive

  6. Hassan Aderemi25 July, 2016 10:02

    Are they fighting for their people or for their pockets? Most of there kingpins & bigwigs claiming to be fighting for their people always use the avenue to enrich their personal pockets while their people remained below the poverty level.

  7. poormandesofa25 July, 2016 11:24

    foreign backers or colonial masters?even if they leave them to have their own republic, tomorrow; senior brother will be faced by his junior brother over a piece of land that both lay inheritance claims to.a hamlet will annihilate a weaker neighbor because of an small oil deposit discovered close by.nonsense abi na no-sense sef?

  8. Can you imagine what PMB is creating. He is allowing this miscreants. PMB should do what OBJ did to them

  9. So ds people r still @ it..

  10. Silly people agitating for war kmt


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