FOR REAL? #SaveMayowa donations being questioned

Information reaching OluFamous.Com about the money ($100,000) several kindhearted Nigerians contributed for Mayowa to go abroad to get treatment for Ovarian cancer are not good. Sources say some of her family members just collected the money which is Millions of Naira.

Of a truth, Mayowa is sick but some claim that her case is beyond treatment - her cancer is already in advance stage and doctors in LUTH were said to have told her family to take her home.

Did her family members use her 'condition' to fraud many Nigerians into donating money for her to go for cancer treatment? Police is involved, trying to get those involved.

I can't say much because it is a case of life and death for Mayowa. But I hope it is not true that her family used her health to defraud good Nigerians.


  1. If this is true, then her family members are sick beings. This will deter most people from assisting others that sincerely need help. It's saddening! I hope they are all made to pay for their crime.

  2. Its still a win win for those that help cos givers never lack. And its really bad to scarmme people

  3. Well, each either way, blessed is the hand that gave than the one that takes.

  4. There are a lot of badbelles in Nigeria I hope no one is trying to paint them black but if its true they might have closen the door for people who truly need assistance.

  5. hmmmmm. it is well o.

    #Olu, can you see?

  6. The #savemayowa is real not scam. Just confirmed

  7. Hassan Aderemi28 July, 2016 21:43

    Leave story for tortoise, her case is real & her family has not given up.


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