Gospel Singer Mike Abdul speaks on issues in his marriage

Months back, OluFamous.Com shared a post about the troubles between Mike Abdul and his wife who are both gospel singers. Even though I told him the post wasn't written by me, he was still angry. Hence, I've always been looking forward to him addressing the issues by himself. He just did:

Mike Abdul is one of the artistes that have revamped gospel music in Nigeria and he has endeared so many people to his heart.

However, since it was rumoured three years ago that his marriage had hit the rocks, the young artiste had chosen not to talk about his status and based on that, so many took his silence for the truth.

But in a telephone chat with Saturday Beats, the Morire singer said that he was not divorced. He said that it was a misconception for people to think he is legally free from his marriage.

“I have learnt not to comment on issues that border on my marriage. Initially when I started having bad press, I was not happy. I discovered that I was making those who wanted to make me sad, happy. It doesn’t make sense to give happiness, gladness and fulfillment to my enemies. I would like to correct a general notion; I am not divorced in anyway. I think it is people’s misconception; let us just leave it at that. People have their issues and it takes time to sort things out,” he said.

When probed on reconciliation talks with his estranged wife, the singer politely declined commenting on the matter. “I don’t like to talk about my marriage and I would want to leave it at that,” he said.

Truly, people have issues in their marriage, sometimes very overwhelming ones. It's been a few years and I sincerely wish Mike Abdul and his wife the grace to sort out their marital issues in love.