Handsome Nollywood actor Leo Mezie is Down With Cancer

He grew rapidly in the movie industry, but you know the cash most movie guys make is just enough to take care of themselves and show off, but nothing to fall back on in case of any emergency.
Sadly, popular actor Leo Mezie is down with cancer and needs money for an kidney transplant. The Abia-state born actor reached out to the public after his second kidney failed. According to a family source, he's been on weekly dialysis and needs this surgery urgently to save his life. 
Hopefully those with the means will come to his aide.


  1. God heal him and give him a quick recover. PHILL

  2. So sorry, get well soon.

  3. chai! my brother be strong the lord is your strength. you will make it in jesus name.

  4. Hope he gets hlp soonest..

  5. Hassan Aderemi22 July, 2016 21:28

    May God heal him


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