How three Nigerians were executed for Drugs in Indonesia

Indonesia on Thursday night executed four convicted drug traffickers, including three Nigerians, with the fate of 10 others uncertain. The Nigerians and an Indonesian man were shot by firing squad during a thunderstorm on Nusakambangan Island in Central Java, as the government ignored all calls by international community for clemency and pushed ahead with what it considers a war on drugs.

Indonesian government said on Wednesday that 14 prisoners, including citizens of India, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe, would be executed this weekend.

An official said on Wednesday that the planned executions would go ahead “in stages”.

Security was stepped up at the Indonesian embassy in Abuja on Thursday as protesters gathered to urge Indonesia to halt the executions.

Indian and Pakistani officials said they were making last-minute efforts to save their citizens.

“We considered several factors and decided that for now four death-row inmates would be executed,” Noor Rachmad, an official at the attorney general’s office, told reporters after Thursday’s executions.

Reacting to the execution, spokesperson for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Mitchell Ofoyeju, said it was unfortunate the agency could not stop the process.

He added that Indonesian authorities should have reduced the punishment to life imprisonment rather than killing of the convicts which he described as “unfashionable.”

He said, “It is a pathetic thing to see fellow citizens being killed abroad for drug-related offences. As an agency, we feel for the families of those affected. As much as we could not stop the country, we would have loved if the execution could be changed to life imprisonment. Capital punishment is no longer fashionable.”


  1. Nd dis will nt make others learn

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  3. Death sentence is too bad, it should be discouraged.

  4. So sad. I know with all this killings of drug trafficker in Indonesia, some Nigerians still on the verge of drugs........ Be warned!

  5. behave like romans when in rome.that country has its law and it has decided to enforce it.anybody who is seeking for 'greener pastures' should avoid that country with 'drug pastures'.very sad and highly regrettable but its unavoidable.

  6. They know the law in that land yet dey engage in drugs trafficking common

  7. love for money.

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