July 28, 2016

I’m Now A Born-Again Corruption Fighter...No Going Back – Jibrin Reveals More

The man dishing out revelations about how Nigeria's 2016 budget was padded, Abdulmumin Jibrin, has made more revelations, alleging that House of Reps Speaker, Yakubu Dogara also diverted a big federal government water project to his personal farm.

Jibrin has been releasing details of alleged fraud involving Dogara and three other principal officers, Lasun Yusuf, Alhassan Doguwa and Leo Ogor, since last week.

In his latest statement, Jibrin said:
“I am a product of the establishment but something in me has never been comfortable. I’m so glad that by September 9th my 40th birthday everybody would have known where I stand for the rest of my life; rural agriculture and fight against corruption especially in the NASS.”

He said he would continue to make daily revelations of fraud and abuse of office against Dogara and his “senior cabal” until the “law catches up with them”.

He has also dismissed the threat of court action against him from Speaker Dogara.

He said the right thing is for Dogara and other principal officers to be removed. His words:
“When a new Speaker emerges and the other principal officers replaced, I will write to the presiding officers of both chambers to commence a radical internal reform in the entire NASS beyond budget to cover performance assessment, running cost and allowances, investigations, etc.

“If the reform so done on NASS is not made public latest by December, I shall take it up and lay before the general public even if I am alone.

“The idea is to do a cleanup, flush out corruption and corrupt members so that in 2019 only corrupt free people who want to serve will come in.

“God Almighty knows I am not perfect but as I approach 40 years in September, I have always wondered what is it that I can live and die for.”


Jeff Kingsley Jr said...

Hmmmm dis is serious ooo even in dis government people still hav mind to steal

maryam sadisu said...

But why is Jibril revealing all these secrets now?

inumidun said...


Hassan Aderemi said...

Interesting, please do us more favour by revelations of all atrocities in the NASS.

Harbolarkale Niyi said...

I like your spirit jibril.......selfish politicians must be removed from Nass

samaila sulaiman said...

Nice one. #istandwithjibril

Anonymous said...

They are corrupt.Thank you jibril

Gabice pumokumo said...

It is normal: Every thief repents when he/she is caught and promise to be an evangelist of good deeds for the rest of life. This repentance is not an exception. The big question is if offered another opportunity, will he not put on the old coat of padding?

SPACO said...

Good for you.

olutoscene1 said...

These guyz ehn.

#Olu, can you see?

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