Kanayo O. Kanayo's daughter graduates from college... actor complains about indecency

Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo is celebrating his daughter Valerie's graduation from Rainbow College - a Nigerian-based secondary school. He wrote on social media, "My daughter, Valerie's graduation from college! Proud dad!" And what a better time to talk about parents who allow their daughters dress just anyhow all in the guise of modern world. Read what the actor posted below:

...I've been saying these things, maybe now that a popular actor is saying same, some will listen.


  1. Good advice, some parents don't dress decent what do you expect from the kids ?

  2. Ds is xoxo uncalled 4, d wai some parents orientate dere children is questionable, dey r breeding what is not in d society..

  3. Good one. congrats to her.


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