''Marriage is not by force. If you can't submit to Your Husband then Don't Marry"

When a lady goes into marriage and her "problem" is equal rights, that is just a business partnership. The ones who know the difference enjoy their home, but those who think they know too much are the ones you see online saying all sorts. Such ladies can just be alone, rather than disturb a man's life.

And as stated by Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede, ladies who are not ready to be submissive should not get married. They should love themselves and forget about marriage. Read what she wrote:


  1. Thank you my sister. They are many in churches all over, disturbing God and pastors. From one night vigil to the other looking for husband, but try and date them before you say one, they will ask you what right you have over them, if care is not taken, they will curse your mother, yet they say they want to get married. They are better off alone, marriage is not by force.

  2. Is nt b force to get married

  3. Hassan Aderemi22 July, 2016 19:51

    A humble wife will always enjoy her marriage but few women are still humble & end up in the wrong hands, life is funny attimes.

  4. She talk am well..


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