Nnamdi Kanu sponsors football competition inside kuje prisons

The prison inmates association Ex-President "Sivan Emeka" with Nnamdi Kanu "leader of IPOB" on Saturday in Kuje prison, for the opening of the prison 2016 championship competition.

The competition is to foster peace and co-existence among the inmates and the prison officers.

Nnamdi Kalu also said, his main purpose for sponsoring the competition this year was for freedom for the whole of the inmates. More photos below:

The ex-leader of the inmates also thanked the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu for his love and concern towards the inmates, saying this is an opportunity for some to discover their talents and look beyond the four-walls of Kuje prison.


  1. Hassan Aderemi31 July, 2016 06:56

    That's dangerous, what if he ended up using those guys to plan something else.

  2. Nice, but dangerous for national security


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