Nuhu Ribadu officially received back into APC by party leaders in Adamawa

A source who witness the event, Sadeeq Muhammad, shared the pics and wrote:
"The Adamawa State Chapter of the APC led by Alhaji Ibrahim Bilal, formerly welcomes Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and Engr Markus Gundiri to its fold. #WelcomeBackRibadu #WelcomeToAPCGundiri"


  1. Welcome back,,,buh try to study nd undstd d political terrain b4 u jumped nxt tym

  2. tomorrow he would jump fence to pdp again

  3. Hassan Aderemi25 July, 2016 09:29

    There is power in numbers, in politics you don't or pray for divorce, you married or catch more members into the fold that's reason they say no permanent friends or permanent enemies in politics but permanent interest. Fight not because of any politicians Fayose or Nyesom Wike might cross carpet to another party tomorrow & still be dancing Azonto or Shoki with Amaechi & Tinubu together. Let's ask for good governance from them not to take their fight serious.

  4. This man is a prostitute jumping from one party to the other. Anyway I like his talent

  5. Dat one na der matter.

    #Olu,can you see?


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