OUR SIGNATURES: Ideas and Passion Are Key to Success

by Citz. Oguntosin
Even though the fun of graduation/convocation may have come and gone, the memory which is like a signature still lingers than the beat of any good music.

In my last article, I dropped my pen at a point of charging all graduates and in extension, all Nigerian youth to rise up to the worsening economic challenges of our great nation. Reminding you that excuses will not put these challenges behind us, but our action and innovative thinking will do.

Even if we'd been disappointed by generations, we can't afford to fail ourselves and the generations after us, and that's why we need to rise up and put up a good fight, not with weapons of mass destruction, but through our creative thinking, aimed at making the society a better one.
A creative thinking birth an awesome Idea, which is capable of changing one's life for good.
Imagine an idea conceived by Bill Gates to develop softwares, Mark Zuckerberg to start up Facebook, and that of Steve Jobs for iPhone, etc.

An idea according to a learning dictionary, is a plan or purpose of action; intention; or design.
So I ask; what is your plan and purpose in life?

It's quite understandable how frustrating our society is at the moment, especially the entity called Nigeria. But notwithstanding, you need to be driven by ideas.

Everyone at a point in life come up with a plan or purpose towards an issue of life. Either positive or negative, there is no one without an idea.

Now my questions are; 

(1) How innovative is your idea?
While I don't expect anyone not to have plans or purpose for his/her life, it's an act of delay trying to do everything you're good at in life. Pick one, give it all your best and let the world celebrate you.
Do not be deceived, there's a season in your life when it becomes too late to do certain things, whatever good you need to do, do it now. Separate users from helpers amongst your friends and identify those that are all mouth with no action and stop wasting your time with them. Come up with reasonable ideas that are capable of changing the world and your life for better.

In the process of achieving this, you have to think proactively about how to use your brain in ways that you weren't able to before and this, most people are not good at. So you have to be unique in thinking, so that your ideas won't be like the usual ones that ends in your thoughts.

"I have an idea of; transforming waste cooking oil to gas, transforming waste into fingerlings food, developing a student CGPA calculator Mobile App, building of a driverless car.

Those are ideas, which requires step by step plan for its actualization. But what makes it worth celebrating is the passion that drives one towards the realization of such ideas.

(2) How passionate are you about it?
English learning dictionary defines Passion as a state of being acted upon.
While Matthew 11:12 says; And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force.

Many people come up with great ideas, being motivated by previous successful individuals within the society, but lost out due to lack of passion at the long run. Nothing good comes easy. Allowing passion to drive one's idea is a great idea on its own.

Coming up with an idea isn't enough, driving such ideas with passion for the realization of its purpose is what makes such a fellow an innovator. Often time, people come up with great ideas that would have improve the averagely good ICT sector of our society for better, change the sorry state of our educational system, improve our agricultural system, etc. But failed to pursue their plans due to lack of passion for such an idea. 

Can you imagine life without social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, BBM, WhatsApp, etc.

Have you read through the challenges encounter by these great innovators/inventors. Who subjected themselves to pains for our own comfort. Your lack of passion towards that idea is not affecting you alone, someone's life is directly or indirectly attached to your success.

I recently learnt how celebrities like Kim kardashian, Toke Makinwa, etc rakes in millions of cool cash through their Instagram account. Now imagine there's no Instagram. Millions of people have been connected through this social media platforms. And countless number of people across the world are utilizing it for good.

And guess what! Those innovators/inventors are now like gods in our world. They are stinkingly wealthy. Hardwork pays, only if it's done reasonably.

WhatsApp founder, Jan Koum who had previously been denied of working at Facebook, got an idea & passionately work towards actualizing the outlined plans to make it a reality. His noble idea of WhatsApp, coupled with passion, not only provided him an opportunity to join Facebook board, but was also paid an estimated sum of US$19 Billion.

No matter how frustrating life may present itself to you, never consider quitting. You can't be defeated at the time you've been destined to win.

Believe in yourself and give your best. Remember that short cut to success cuts short success. While joining the league of great thinkers, remember that nothing can be achieved without putting those ideas into play with passion. Let those ideas feel your passion, let your society feel your pain of making a difference. 

Movement may not bring about progression, daily routines could lead to stagnation. To move forward, come up with an innovative idea and be passionate about actualizing it.

The world isn't at its best yet, but still desires your input through ideas and passion for great exploits.
Those things that makes our world a better one are creatively conceived by some people who passionately make it possible to have electric lights, computers, android phones, aeroplanes, etc.
In summary, passion is like a vehicle through which an idea can get to its successful destination. So in all we do, let's imbibe the spirit of "making it work", which can be possible through hard work, prayer and passion...believing that with God and our passion towards it, actualization of our ideas are possible.

- Citz. Temitope Oluwafemi Oguntosin