July 22, 2016

Phone "Thief" Mistakenly Posts Selfie On Victim’s Instagram

The Lagos Police Command is on the trail of a suspected burglar who allegedly posted his picture on the Instagram account of his victim. The command is working on the lead that the suspect, whose name had yet to be identified, mistakenly posted the picture with one of the phones reportedly stolen from the victim, Sam Abimbola.

The suspect had sneaked into the victim’s residence on Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos, at about 3am on Tuesday, carting away phones, a laptop and a passport.

The burglar was said to have gained entry into the apartment through the kitchen.

He also reportedly made away with Abimbola’s wife’s jewellery and the identity card of his sister-in-law, who lived with the family.

While lamenting the loss, Abimbola reportedly got a call at about 7am from a friend, who alerted him to a picture posted with one of the stolen phones on his (Abimbola’s) Instagram page.

Abimbola told Punch that he had woken up around 5am to prepare for work when he discovered the house had been burgled.

He said, “I slept around 2am on that day and my sister-in-law woke me up around 5am, saying that her bag was scattered in the living room. That was when I discovered that a burglar had entered into my apartment. He cut through the window and got access into the house through the kitchen.

“He entered my bedroom, stole my passport, laptop, two phones – a Samsung Note 5 and a Samsung tablet – my sister-in-law’s ID card and her money. The burglar also stole my wife’s accessories and took some bottles of water from the fridge.

“I don’t know the extent of what was stolen from my wife’s valuables because she was not around. He ransacked a bag where my credentials were but fortunately, he didn’t go with them.

“Around 7am, he mistakenly posted his picture on my Instagram account with my phone. I am sure he must have used the phone to take the picture.

“I have reported to the police at the Ago Palace division and some of the policemen said he was a known face at a joint in the area.”

The sister-in-law, who did not want her name in print, urged the police to track down the suspect and bring him to book.

Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmos, who confirmed the burglary, said the police were on the trail of the suspect and he would be apprehended.


Ay360 said...

Lol, dats an illiterate.nd its possible he bought d phone

ats three said...

Hehehehe Mumu! Karma is a bitch!

Hembafan Tilley-Gyado said...

Olodo thief

samaila sulaiman said...

End of the road for this one.

Harbolarkale Niyi said...

Police should do more to arrest the culprit

SPACO said...

he just exposed himself, they will get him.

eniola lawal said...


inumidun said...

Mumu thief, na God catch am..

Kay Heavy said...


Michael Amata said...

Your end is near

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