How A Governor Tried To Use Femi Falana To Launder N405million

Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Mr. Femi Falana has disclosed how he declined a mouth-watering N405 million brief from an unnamed former governor to help him launder funds abroad.

Falana, whose testimonial is contained in the current edition of ALERT, a monthly pull-out by the EFCC, pleaded with his colleagues to be wary of briefs from politically-exposed persons (PEPs).

Falana said the governor had asked him to assist in moving a huge sum of money to an undisclosed country and offered to pay him £1 million reward for his service but he declined outright. 

The no-nonsense lawyer said: 
“The governor asked me to assist him in transferring money abroad, and that I should claim it to be proceeds from sale of his property in Nigeria. “And the price was extremely attractive. He was going to pay me a million pounds then, when money was money.

The governor said he had chosen me for the shady deal, because ;nobody will suspect you'

“I told him, ‘Your Excellency, so it is my reputation you want to buy with your one million pounds?’

“Some of my colleagues thought I was stupid, but those who accepted the [fraud] offer later found themselves in trouble, as they were arrested and humiliated...” 

He advised lawyers against being used by politically-exposed persons to be careful. He also asked lawyers not to succumb to the lure of filthy lucre to assist big politicians commit financial crimes. 

“Lawyers have a paramount role to play in the fight against economic and financial crimes, as they are the ones usually employed by well-heeled members of the society to help perfect documents for illicit transactions, and to cover up their tracks.”


  1. We need more lawyers like dis trust me

  2. Mr falana good moves there! Your reputation is already speaking for you.

  3. Chief Femi Falana is a well respected and known personality. I respect the man alot

  4. Hassan Aderemi30 July, 2016 21:52

    Some people with pocket size brain would have fell for such chicken change that would have soil their reputation, if you stand for nothing you will fall for everything.

  5. Sir can you please get us the little clue of this past governor it might be one those we're giving kudo's to outside there, at least a little link that a reasonable person could know this might be the governor in question.

    Once again Sir, thanks for the love you have to this grate country of ours may God continues to streinghtning you.

  6. I will always respect you but I don't know while PMB did not appointed you

  7. Sincerely we need more men like falana, he stands true 2 his words, wuh he believes in n he stands firm, majority of d lawyers out dere waver all d time cos of greed, selfishness, lack of integrity n lust 4 moni..

  8. Lovely! We need more trustworthy personalities to make this Nation what it is meant to be.

  9. thumbs up baba!

    #Olu, can you see?

  10. Thank God we have a no-nonsense lawyer.


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