Save the Legislative Arm of Fed Uni of Agriculture, Abeokuta Students' Union from Extinction

He that stands for nothing dies for nothing
Looking back to time and history, executives and the leadership of the Legislative arm of the Union-SRA of this regime, were to attend a leadership Conference organized by the University Management in Ekiti State between 14th and 16th Dec 2015, and the scheduled time for their departure was 13th Dec 2015. 

Unfortunately, the then Speaker of the SRA, Late Rt. Hon. Adelaja Fisayo died Dececember 10 2015. As a result of his death, a meeting was held to postpone the Leadership Retreat as a sign of respect to the dead between the Union executives and the leadership of the Legislative arm of the Union, the President, Nnewonye Dennis (a.k.a. DENCO) insisted to go ahead with the planned trip without recourse to sympathy. 

This caused friction between members of his cabinet as a few of them had decided to be in solidarity with the Legislative arm of the Union. 

This however led to factions between the executives, abrasion to the relationship between the executives, Legislative arm and then hostility between the Management, basically the Dean Students Affairs, Prof. Yemi Akegbejo-Samson and the Legislative arm. A walk in respect of the Late Speaker was orchestrated and led by the Vice President of the Union. This led to the Vice President being ostracized by Nnewonye Dennis and his other executives. The Dean Students Affairs, Prof. Yemi Akegbejo-Samson accused the Vice President and the leadership of the House for leading a just protest stating that they were not “loyal” to the management. He stated this majorly because they had refused to pander to his whims and caprices.

The President, Nnewonye Dennis breached a provision of the constitution according to Article 3, section 30, sub-section II that the Legislative arm of the Union “shall make final approval of all decisions taken by the SSRC as entrenched in the constitution and/or maybe referred to it by the SSRC” when he acted as an obstinate dictator by increasing the annual due without following due process. This draconian act of his created uproar, sending ripples of displeasure among FUNAABites.
The breach of the provision of the Union’s constitution was supported by the Management basically the Dean student affairs, Prof. Akegbejo-Samson, an indication that the Management was against the Legislative arm of the Union. It is pertinent to note that Legislative arm had received petitions against the Union President accusing him of a myriad of atrocities. This cumulated in a suspension, giving the Legislative arm to investigate such accusations. 

The accusations range from; 
breaching of the Union constitution, and misappropriation of funds realized after an event of the Union, THE FRESHERS’ NIGHT. In the course of the suspension of the President, the Management, basically the Dean Student Affairs Prof. Yemi Akegbejo-Samson pestered the Legislative arm of the Union and insisted that the President of the Union, Nnewonye Dennis be reinstated, the members of the Legislative arm were threatened with expulsion. The Identity cards of some honorable members of the Legislative arm of the Union were seized and some students who supported the Legislative arm were detained by the police at the order of the Suspended President, Nnewonye Dennis and the Chief Security Officer, Mr. Peter Bolarinwa.

It is a tradition that the Union will provide souvenirs for the students every year. This year, the Legislative arm of the Union approved 1.2 million Naira, at the rate of 120 Naira per souvenir (10,000 copies of books) to the welfare director, Oyelere Motunrayo (Ay welfare). He produced less than the approved quantity at a cost higher than the approved cost without informing the Legislative arm of the Union. What stirred the hornet’s nest was the fact that he produced substandard books and was a far cry from the expectation of FUNAABites. 

According to the agenda of their sitting which was pasted on notice boards, the State of the Union was a major burning issue to be discussed at their sitting on 21st July, 2016. I was shocked when I got to the venue of the sitting and discovered that Prof. Yemi Akegbejo-Samson had through the security officials planned to disrupt the sitting. 

From enquiries, I learnt that the Speaker of the Legislative arm of the Union was in a meeting with the Dean Student Affairs, Prof. Yemi Akegbejo-Samson and the Chief Security Officer, Mr. Peter Bolarinwa in a bid to make sure the sitting will not hold. However, the honorable members of the Legislative arm of the Union had in accordance with the FUNAABSU constitution in article 4, section 37, sub-section I that “in the absence of the SPEAKER and his DEPUTY, any of the members present shall be elected as the presiding officer for the meeting” elected an honorable member of the Legislative arm to preside over the sitting. In the course of the sitting, to our utter bewilderment, a Commander of the security unit of the University had stormed the venue of the sitting with other members of the security official and aimed to seize the MACE. 

He was however met with stiff resistance. A pandemonium ensued between honorable members of the Legislative arm and the security officials, the commander shouting that the Legislative arm had planned to impeach “their boy” Nnewonye Dennis. They threatened that they shall make sure some of the honorable members are rusticated. They also said that the faces of some honorable members have been noted while others were beaten. If these could be done against people elected into power, worse could be done to we ordinary FUNAABites.

It is pitiable that the union's President, Nnewonye Dennis has sold the Union to the Management for selfish reasons. It is from impeccable source that he is after getting a job from the Management after graduation. He has rendered himself a vassal of the Management to support tyranny, brutality and injustice perpetrated by the management against fellow FUNAABites. This is an SAVE OUR SOUL (SOS) call to all quarters, we are really being oppressed. 

Prof. Yemi Akegbejo-Samson who we call the Dean of Student Affairs has shown us that his interest is not in our welfare. He derives a lot of benefits from the Union most especially the President, and as such he is a major player in the decision making processes of the Union. 

This is a clarion call to all concerned parastatals, government bodies, NGOs and security personnel to please help unjustifiable reproach on our Union, irresponsible acts of favoritism, nepotism and threats on student leaders and all. We are tired of outside influence, threats and every form of oppression!!! Kindly save our souls!!!!


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