SEE The Reality of How Things are Changing

Just about 20 years ago, this was how the home of the big boys in town looked like; any guy who has these stuffs in his house, you will see ladies flocking around him just to be able to "watch film" freely and any other thing that happens between man and woman inside one room apartment. *wink*

Funny enough, today even some broke guys won't live in a room like this.

Olu Famous' motivation: Anyone who spends anyhow to live large and 'impress' just to appear like a big boy when he doesn't even have a sustainable investment, will sure be setting himself up for future mess. That is the reality of life, it happens all the time. Don't allow yourself be an example!
In the months and years ahead, as a regular person, you will need more than just one source of income to make real progress and live truly comfortable.
Take your time to THINK, it is a very difficult task to think and that is why many don't succeed in thinking. Think deep and also peep into the exploits of others in your field of business or career; find out what they are doing right and what needs to improve.

Merge your findings with your thoughts, blaze a new trail and start building a real life.
Time, Discipline, Persistence and the ability to be Realistic are factors that will help you to succeed!