This Guy Just Posted Something that All Ladies Should See...

The observation is that some ladies on social media are now trying to claim that a woman should not be the one cooking for her husband or she and her husband will be sharing the cooking. Lol!

This guy is not happy about the 'mess' which was started by Noble Igwe and now being championed by some misguided folks online. Read more of his reactions below...

I don't even think a lady who is ready for marriage should be saying she can't cook for her husband.


  1. Some ladies ve missed priorities..

  2. Cooking to be shared between a husband and wife, for what now??? It's not even arguable. THE KITCHEN BELONGS TO A WOMAN except on rare occasions where your hubby wants to pamper you he can cook for the family. But trust me these kind of men in NIGERIA are scarce especially those uneducated,not exposed, unenlightened kind of men. #thewayablackmanthinks

  3. Hehe guy is right. Cooking is the responsibility of the wify

  4. What is this world turning into?

  5. Hassan Aderemi01 August, 2016 07:17

    If you cannot withstand the heat what are you doing in the kitchen, if you cannot cook for your husband, no need for marriage, you can choose celibacy.


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