This Woman Returned To Her Husband After All These?

I used that caption for a reason. I often advise ladies to pray before marriage and to be very prayerful in marriage, every day whether you are very happy, happy, not happy. It is the responsibility of a wife to ensure peace reigns in her home, don't get married and forget your role as a wife - home builder.
As a lady, it is better you don't get married than for you to marry a man blindly without praying and you think the easy way out is to run if he's beating you and go be with another man. You are running into Adultery with your eyes wide open and you will blame yourself when the consequences come.

Women, save your marriage with prayer and counselling, stop thinking you can change God's rules due to the fact that your husband beats you. If you had prayed seriously like someone who wanted to be in a happy marriage, you would have known if that man is good for your destiny or not. But many ladies focus mainly on material things, hence they fall into the hands of the "wrong" man.

Women rights activist, Joe Odumakin shared the pics above of Gloria Izuakor, who she helped when her husband battered her, saying all his well now and the couple have reconciled. Her words:
"Remember Gloria Izuakor? She came with testimonies of greater experiences in their reconciled marriage. Congrats!"

 May the good Lord save us from marriage mistakes. Amen!