Wife of Ex-Gov Suswam address alleged marriage break-up

Here's a brief except of an interesting interview City People had with former Benue State First Lady, Mrs. Yemisi Suswam, on her marriage to the ex-Governor and other issues:

Just few months ago, it was alleged that your marriage was in crisis and that you have sued for Divorce in a London court, did you hear about this too?
Unfortunately we didn’t know or read about it because we were in United State of America with all the family. But our son who is 14years old woke us up that hot afternoon saying Daddy, Mummy come and see what is happening.

My husband was fresh out of Government and we were just chilling out trying to get ourselves and bond together as a family and thank God for our lives. He told us there was something terrible going on about us on the social media and we were faraway in US when they said we were in London. We didn’t know where the story came from that we were in London when we were in United States. We were not even with our phone as it was switched off, so no family member could reach us but it is one of those things.

There is one thing about your personality, you are so calm, how did you get this trait?
It is about God and his grace my dear. I thank God for the privilege of knowing him because when you know him, you are at peace with yourself. There is no gain in pride as God detest pride and we as human beings should not do things that will detest God. I don’t want to be associated with pride. I was brought up in Ibadan by Christian parents. My father of blessed memory was Chief Herbert Balogun. My mother is Mrs Hannah Balogun and she is still very strong.

How long have you been married?
I have been married for about 18 years by the grace of God.

All Marriage go through their ups and down, what is your advice to young couples who want to leave their marriage due to one reason or the other?
For the young ones going through challenges in their marriage, I want to say that patience goes a very long way. They also need prayer. It is not by power or might to make marriages work. If you park up your marriage, do you want to remain alone for the rest of your life? Probably No. The next person you may meet may be worse than the one you want to leave. So if marriage is worth the while at all, it is worth keeping. I employ them in the name of God to be patient and persevere. 

Marriage is not a bed of roses. If you are a professional and while practicing your profession, things are not going well, will you leave your profession? You will endure and wait till the storm is over, surely after your storm, there is Life. So they should not forget that whatever they are going through, there is light after the tunnel.