Women R*ped, Landlord Kidnapped as Ijaw Boys attack Ibafo

The menace these Ijaw militants attacking parts of Lagos and Ogun states are constituting is getting out of hand. Reports have it that two landlords were abducted and three women r*ped in a renewed onslaught by some gunmen identified as Ijaw Boys, on residents of Ibafo, between Lagos and Ogun.

The militants attacked Gideon village, Oke Cele, Asiwaju communities in Ibafo, unleashing mayhem on residents and carting away valuables.

They were said to have invaded homes, r*ped married women in front of their helpless husbands.

The militants reportedly burgled at least three houses and carted away goods in Oke Cele. In a chat with Kemi Filani Blog, one of the resident said, "You know there is an oil pipeline in Ibafo so the Ijaw boys came for it for bunkering/vandalisation purposes but some officers were there and because they couldnt vandalize it, they started kidnapping and raping people..."

Residents in the area are reportedly living in fear. Nigeria police and others, over to you.


  1. These militants wahala don dey too much ohh

  2. This has been going on for a while now. Security personnel should be deployed to such areas.

  3. Hassan Aderemi26 July, 2016 12:15

    Over to you our security agents, this is becoming unbecoming.

  4. Ijaw militants in Lagos doing what? this is getting out of hand ooo.

  5. Wuh's wiv ds continuous attacks of d militants everiwere, God help us..

  6. ahah. o ma ga o...may God save us from militants issues o

    #Olu,can you see?

  7. What security measures have been taken so far?


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