August 12, 2016

A Bag of Rice is Now Higher Than Minimum Wage in Nigeria?

This is serious...we are still hoping for the best.


eniola lawal said...

Hmmm only God can save us

samaila sulaiman said...

May God help us

Jeff Kingsley Jr said...

God is able

SPACO said...

Too bad.

Hassan Aderemi said...

Good advised, is a common sense.

inumidun said...

God help us..

mummy twins said...

Amen ooo

Barnabas said...


840 MILLION naira
0.84 BILLION naira

Salary for 46,666 MINIMUM wage workers for a month.
Salary for 3,888 MINIMUM wage workers for a whole year.

Does the NLC care?
They only march for wage increasement but never against bad governance or corruption.

The Doctors never march for better hospitals and equipments, they only care about wage increament and always ready for strike for increament in salary.

Even your Pastor playing the "exchange rate is up" card to ask you to pay him more everytime you enter his business premises, on Sundays or any other collection days.

Every sector, everyone, OPPORTUNISTS.

olutoscene1 said...

may God help us in this nation.

#Olu, can you see?

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