Actress Moyo Lawal did surgery to make her bum bum bigger? See her reaction

There were insinuations that actress Moyo Lawal had done bo*ty implants or has been on bo*ty pills to increase her ikebe. The actress has come out to address the claims. Her words:
"Eeeem .... No!!! I haven't done any surgery whatsoever or booty implants or taken booty pills or booty cream... You people sef!!! ( It was my mama who gave me)......... However, I used to do a lot of squats....and yes am back on my workout grind.. after taken a seven months break.... Anyways, the static squat is one of my fav exercises to do...and yes you can try it .... P.s don't do it, if you have weak knees or issues with your legs. #TheGambiadairy".