Actress Ruth Eze attempts suicide because her fiancé left her for another actress?

Wetin love dey cause....sigh! Unable to bear a recent heartbreak, up and coming actress, Ruth Eze is said to have attempted suicide after she was jilted by her boyfriend who is based in Abuja.

According to Nigeria Film sources, Ruth Eze went visiting her man in Abuja only to discover that he is now dating one of her close friend, who is also a colleague in the entertainment industry.

"Ruth couldn't stand it because they had been making plans to go pay her bride price this coming Christmas and her family members have approved the marriage.

"After she saw her friend in her fiance's arms, Ruth was stuck in her hotel room for over 24 hours. She was not picking her calls. It was later discovered that she had bought overdose of sleeping pills in attempt to take her life but for the timely intervention of another actress who had accompanied her to Abuja.

"That her friend is suspected to have poisoned the mind of Ruth's husband-to-be to abandon her. She is husband-snatcher, that is what is reigning in Nollywood now. They snatch and brainwash people's lovers, even husbands" the source squealed.

The source added that Ruth has been under close observation to avoid stories that touch.


  1. Hassan Aderemi18 August, 2016 07:24

    Disappointment is bound to happened but life continue, if the man was meant for Ruth, he would come back for her & if not she will get her own that will be best for her. Take heart Ruth

  2. is really sad, take heart dear.

  3. Take heart dear, God will provide for you your real husband.

  4. make she put this to God in prayer.she will collect her man back

  5. The source was just doing a PR stunt for the actress. He dumped her after she said that Genevieve makes her wet in an interview. Is she not biosexual? End of story?

  6. E left those breasts for other ones?

  7. kill yourself u hear?

    #Olu, can you see?

  8. Nawa o, fwends stabbing fwends..


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