Another Nigerian Arrested In India With Cocaine

The Police in Bengaluru, India have arrested a Nigerian for selling cocaine. They recovered cocaine worth Rs 13 lakhs from him. His visa and passport expired in 2015, but he remained in the country.

The Bengaluru police arrested the Nigerian national for allegedly indulging in drug peddling.

According to the police, 37yrs old Adinife Raphael came to India in 2010 and stayed in Mumbai. After spending two years in Mumbai and New Delhi, he settled down in Bengaluru in 2012. His visa and passport expired in 2015, but he continued to stay illegally in the country.

Later, he joined a group of drug peddlers, who procured the contraband material from suppliers in Goa. It is alleged that Raphael would supply cocaine to college students in east Bengaluru.

The police who received a tip-off on his activities raided his home on Monday in the Bagaluru police station limits. They found out that Raphael had destroyed his passport.

Consequently, the police have registered a case against him under Narcotics, Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, 1985.


  1. Nigerians need to learn. Why are they this stubborn. Well, it serve him right since they want to learn in a hard way.

  2. Ds people no dey eva rest wiv dere zealousness 4 moni..

  3. When will Igbo people learn that gone are those days when you committed blunders and go Scott free ,when will they learn that the image of this country is very important to Nigerian ? When will they learn to respect their family name ? A name that was kept intact by their parents. Na wa o


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