Another University Lecturer Assassinated

Days after a lecturer was killed in Borno state, another lecturer of the University of Mkar in Gboko town Benue State, Mr. Aondosoo Winifred Tondo has been murdered. He was reportedly killed by unknown gunmen in the early hours of today at his house located within the University staff quarters.

Reports have it that four gunmen stormed his house at about 4 am and shot him in front of his wife.

He was rushed to Myom hospital but later transferred to Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Makurdi where he was declared dead.

The late lecturer was nursing an ambition to contest for the chairmanship position of Buruku local government area of his state. Nothing was missing from the house as the gunmen didn’t rob.


  1. What a wicked world we live in today

  2. Wow Wat is happening ooo, the matter should be investigated asap

  3. Hassan Aderemi12 August, 2016 13:16

    May his soul RIP, we hope through the police investigation, we shall get to know those who were behind his assassination.

  4. Eeyah, wuh's wiv d killing of lecturers lateli..

  5. Eeyah, wuh's wiv d killing of lecturers lateli..

  6. again? This is serious.

    #Olu, can you see?


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