Army court-martials 20 officers, others for alleged sale of arms to Boko Haram

The Nigerian Army has constituted a court-martial for offenders in the counter-insurgency warfare in the North-East area of the country. 20 soldiers (four officers and 16 other ranks) were brought before the newly inaugurated court for various offences including murder and illegal sales of fire arms in the ongoing war against insurgency in the North-East.

Inaugurating the Court-Martial with Brig. Gen. Olusegun Adeniyi as its president in Maiduguri, the acting General Officer Commanding, 7 Division of the Nigerian Army, Brig. Gen. Victor Ezugwu, said it was established to try offences committed by personnel within the Operation Lafiya Dole theatre of operation.

According to Ezugwu, it is public knowledge that
discipline is the bedrock of the military profession and “to have a disciplined body of officers and men, there must be justice because it is when there is justice that discipline can be achieved.

He said, “The court-martial is to achieve timely and quick dispensation of justice within the framework provided in relevant statute books.

“Therefore, it is important that both the prosecution and the accused persons or their counsel are mindful of this fact and strive to shun all forms of antics such as request for frivolous adjournments which could lead to delays in the trial processes. It is often said in the legal parlance that, justice delayed is justice denied.”

He asked the president and members of the GCM to dispense the assignment in accordance with the appropriate extant laws and ensure that their opinions and decision on all the cases brought before them were not in any way beclouded by bias, external pressure or extraneous factors.

Speaking to journalists after the inauguration, Ezugwu disclosed that some of the accused were involved in criminal activities which included murder, crimes against civilians, and illegal sales of firearms.

The GOC said over 100 soldiers had been tried and punished at the Brigade level over acts of indiscipline and unprofessionalism.

He disclosed that there was little or non-issue with indiscipline in the theatre as 15,000 soldiers had been awarded medals of excellence in the theatre of operation for patriotism and gallantry.

Speaking during the inaugural sitting, the president of the court, Brig. Gen. Adeniyi, said there was no need for the accused to entertain any fear as they would be given fair hearing.


  1. Nigeria army need reform to set international standards

  2. Hassan Aderemi11 August, 2016 15:08

    Any one found culpable should face the consequence

  3. lik seriously? nd dis pple swore to defend d territories of dis nation. ah. smh.

    #Olu, can you see?

  4. It is jst obvious some the Boko Haram are in the Nigeria Army, they need reform

  5. I sorry sorry ooooooo......sorry for my country.....


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