AT LAST | Boko Haram is ready for peace, to release the girls

Hajiya Aisha Wakil, believed to be close to the Boko Haram leadership, has revealed that the group is now ready for talks with the Federal Government on the fate of the missing Chibok girls.

She said that she had been on the neck of the Boko Haram leaders, who according to her offered to honour her to dialogue with the government and release the girls and other captives.

Hajiya Aisha, who spoke with The Nation on the phone, said she expected the Boko Haram leaders to come out and discuss with the government now. Her words:

"Since I came back, I have been on their neck. They have now agreed to come out and discuss with the government and bring back the girls.

“I am for the Chibok girls and all the captives. They are ready for peace. This is what they told me.”

Hajiya Aisha was not forthcoming on the imminent release of the girls, whose abduction sparked a global outrage, she said: “I think they might post some information on YouTube within 24 hours.”

It would be recalled that the Army had on August 14 declared Hajiya Aisha and two others wanted for interrogation in line with the Terrorism Prevention Act 2011 (as amended).

Aisha has maintained her innocence, claiming she is not a shady personality, but ready to help.


  1. I sincerely hope that this is true.

  2. Hassan Aderemi31 August, 2016 12:37

    They should release those missing chibok girls on time, their parents are no longer find it easy.

  3. you cant fight an institution especially of government and more importantly of a federal might.the heat is on them all over:NDA,BOKO,MEND,IPOB etc all of them now wants dialogue....good to hear.

  4. I thnk enabling environment should be created by the government for the agreed negotiations by B/H if that's the only way to get the girls back to their respective parents.

  5. We should be aware of the fact that B/H has no good side, whatever they are demanding for is to help them to perpetrate more evil nothing more nothing less.


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