AT LAST| Niger Delta Avengers Are Ready For Ceasefire

Multi sources have confirmed that the Niger Delta Avengers have pledged to lay down their weapons and resume talks with the Nigerian government. This is coming after months of attacks on oil and gas infrastructure in parts of the region which have negatively affected the economy.

Also in a message posted on the group’s website late on Saturday, the NDA said it would “observe a cessation of hostilities”.

They there will be no more bombings in the Niger delta for now and that they would support efforts to negotiate with “the federal government of Nigeria, representatives from the home countries of all multinational oil corporations and neutral international mediators.”

Credible sources say their alleged "sponsors" are panicking after some names were leaked to security agencies who are investigating them quietly to find out the truth of their involvement. 

If truly they are now ready for peace, then let peace reign for their good of Nigeria and Nigerians.


  1. Hmmmmmm..... Ready for ceasefire and appointed Edwin clerk as their negotiator. Nonsense

  2. Why did Boko Haram nominate Buhari to represent them during their negotiations with Jonathan's government?

  3. What do u expect? Wen dir sponsors yaff been named! I give it to d faction dat revealed d NDA sponsors.

  4. Has the chicken now quicken it's steps coming home to roast? Why is it that they have suddenly realized that what they supposed to start with has now become what they are doing last? Why burning a whole house down because you want to kill a cockroach? I bet you the Niger Deltans are the enemies of themselves. Their lousy brains has caused a lot of damages to their environments and costing their state governments and Federal government to loose a lot of revenues. The biggest loosers are the useless leaders sponsoring their wicked activities they should have continued in another month and see what would have happened to their communities by then it will be too late to cry wolf where there's none. I hope they will allow peace to reign and sit in a round table talks with federal government to fashion a way on how best to develop the region

  5. Dem just wake? After a lotta damage has been done..


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