August 10, 2016

BIG DEAL | Lagos acquires land in 3 States for farming; to link the South-West with train

Lagos State Information Commissioner, Steve Ayorinde, said that the state government has acquired land in Ogun, Ondo and Osun states for farming.

He told NAN that the land was acquired for large scale mechanised farming. The commissioner, who did not disclose the quantity acquired, said the state was planning to acquire more land in Oyo state.

Lagos has the smallest land mass in the country, 23 per cent of that land is water.

The decision to acquire land elsewhere for agriculture has to do with the economic integration of the South West. Lagos has just been admitted into the ODUA Group, comprising all states in the zone.

What this means is that, if there's economic integration among the six states in the South West, Lagos with its financial status can expand in the area of agriculture in those states, he said.

According to Ayorinde, the plan is to get Federal Government`s approval to link South West states with train service for effective haulage of agricultural produce.

He said it would be wise to move the produce with train service because trucks and trailers might not be very effective to do the job.


Hassan Aderemi said...

Good development, gradually we shall get to promised land.

samaila sulaiman said...

Nice one

SPACO said...

Nice one. this is a welcome development.

eniola lawal said...

Good one

inumidun said...

Nice development..

Jeff Kingsley Jr said...

Brilliant idea

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