Bode George blasts Gov. Wike: You're Too Small To Summon Yoruba Leaders

Here's the words of PDP chieftain Chief Bode George with regards to the crisis rocking their party:
"[Governor Nyesom] Wike will now tell Yoruba people who should represent them? That is madness. I think he is under a spell or something. Yoruba will never go to Port Harcourt for any convention again. 
Quote me, Wike is too small to summon Yoruba leaders. We will not allow him to rubbish us. We will not leave the PDP for him. 
It is now crystal clear to us exactly what Sheriff suffered in their hands.
May God forgive us, Sheriff is a saint compared to Wike or Fayose. Sheriff understands exactly their antics. Fayose told us he burnt his fingers the first time, now he has burnt his whole body.

Blaming FG for this shameless convention in Port Harcourt is crazy. It is sacrilegious. It is unthinkable. FG or APC has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with it...."
Nigeria's political drama getting interesting by the day.


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    1. Bode George is a failed, washed-up politician that has nothing new to offer. He should keep quite and go into a shameful retirement. He failed the youths that looked up to him. Shame on him.

  2. Never see anything yet

  3. Hassan Aderemi20 August, 2016 22:40

    I have bursted with laughter here reading the statement of senior citizen Bode George on his reactions to Governor Wike & Gov Fayose with comparison to Sheriff (SAS)

  4. Hmmm fire on the mountain wetin to hear Wike part..... But I think the man Wike is over doing wnt to make history like his former boss Rotimi Amaechi Loool joker

  5. United we stand, divided we fall. People Deceive People (PDP)

  6. Obj said pdp is dead an Igbo man 4rm enugu he contested unda pdp some years bck said him place a

    spell on pdp bcs wat d prty did to him bt d fact remain pdo wil Neva cum to power in ds country anymore d evil prty is gone forever

  7. This movie is getting more interesting, I can't wait for the next episode.

  8. Idris danjuma

  9. Their cup of tea.

  10. You are right Baba, show the Wike man that shoe get size. Aft all there is honour even amongst thieves ! Abeg carry go !

  11. well this is just the beginning, time will tell.

  12. Orísírísí..


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