August 17, 2016

Businessman Arrested For Naming His Dog ‘Buhari’

Some people just like attracting problems to themselves. A 30-year-old Igbo trader has been arrested by the police in Ogun state for naming his pet dog 'Buhari'.

The man, Joe Fortemose Chinakwe of No.10 Omikunle street Sango-Ota, Ogun State, was reportedly arrested last weekend, after one of his neighbours of Northern extraction complained bitterly that he named his dog after his father, Alhaji Buhari.

However, it was gathered that efforts by the police to recover the dog, which they intended using as evidence failed following a clever move by the suspect.

According to Vanguard, the complainant reported the case at Sango Police Station, last Saturday, after which the trader was arrested and detained.

The man, said to be trading in female wears at a market in Sango, allegedly directed his friends to kill the dog and possibly eat the meat in order to avoid being implicated. It was gathered that consistent appeals by his friends and relations for the police to grant him bail failed as the complainant and his kinsmen reportedly threatened to kill the trader if he was released on bail.

The case, however, took a different dimension two days later when Chinakwe’s relatives went to Sango police station to further plead for his bail only to be informed that the case file and the suspect have been transferred to Ogun State Police Command headquarters at Eleweran.

A relation to the suspect, who simply identified himself as Chiedozie, told Vanguard that his brother was being persecuted for no just cause and expressed fears that he may either be poisoned inside police cell or thrown into jail.

Chiedozie said: “Chinakwe is a lover of dogs and he names them after things that tickle him. He bought this dog a year ago and named it Buhari. Unfortunately, some Northerners, who dominate the vicinity where he resides misconstrued his intention and connived to take him up. The complainant then claimed it was derogatory because his father answers Buhari.”

Police sources, however, told Vanguard that the actions of the suspect “were very provocative.”

The source said: “he not only named the dog Buhari but boldly wrote it on the body of both sides of the dog and was seen parading the neighbourhood dominated by Northerners with it."


fyneken said...

He is a complete fool. This is how they cause problem in the society. After this he will learn. Why writing the name on the body of the dog, it is just to cause trouble. Now he is facing the trouble.

Kay Heavy said...

He's mad! Y can't he named it afta his father or mother? He should be severely dealt with!

samaila sulaiman said...

Some people just like causing trouble

SPACO said...


Jeff Kingsley Jr said...

Hahaha people can't hold it any longer

inumidun said...

Oga o..

Hassan Aderemi said...

That's absurd but the complainant too have the right to name his pet the suspect name rather than life threatening message or police arrest. Although the suspect was wrong for the displayed of provocative moves by naming his dog & boldly hang it on the pet neck to move around.

Harbolarkale Niyi said...


Anonymous said...

The man must be a product of baby factory who has no respect

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