"Don’t Sell For cheap!” Waconzy shares powerful inspirational message to fans

As shared by the Iworiwo singer...

HUMILITY! Great virtue I must say, but it doesn't mean you should sell for CHEAP.

MY STORY: Most times I try to help people wanting nothing in return so i give them my all from my heart but they end up feeling that they smarter or they used me to achieve their selfish gains forgetting that what they got from me was just a tip of the iceberg.

Don't give out all ur value to people. (Be it money,ur secret,ur service, whatever!) you gotta always hold back about 90% of ur value and release it according to how he/she reciprocates ur kindness or how they value you.

There are too many snakes out there and the only way u can manage them is by keeping ur collateral (in other words ur value/relevance). Giving them all the value u have without knowing their intent is same as SELLING FOR CHEAP.

People who sell for cheap barely see progress in their endeavors. they always on a stand still despite their level of talent.

It's like supplying more than ur demand. Which means ur price will always be low.

Goodluck ma people! I pray you succeed in all you do. God bless you. #SupaDupa