Elephant Trumpets Desperately All Through The Night After Its Calf Falls Into A Well

The elephant fell into a well while a herd of more than 60 elephants were passing through Ramgarh district, close to Ranchi, in the Indian state of Jharkhand last Wednesday night.

Hence, through out the night, the villagers remained wide awake with the wailing elephant mother. In the morning forest rangers had to come with an earth mover and made a slope for the elephant to crawl out-of after an hour-long rescue operation, reports Daily Mail. Mum and calf reunited.


  1. Nawa o, d noise will b sure deafening..

  2. God is wonderful, the love of a mum to its calf.

  3. If it were to be in Nigeria, meat Don happen be that. I don't know when we are going to learn from this developmental process on caring for our zoo properties


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