Enemies Jealous of My Rising Profile – Jonathan denies NDA

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has again denied the allegations that he is sponsoring the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA). He added that the allegation was being sponsored by those intimidated by his rising profile in Nigeria and abroad.

The former President said this in a statement by his spokesman, Mr. Ikechukwu Eze, on Thursday.

The statement, however, said:
“It is sad that the publications wore the cloak of deceit from the same misguided characters that are hell-bent on pulling down the former President despite his clear record of diligent service to his country and long-standing commitment to the good of the society.

“There is no doubt that there exists such people who may have scores to settle with the former President, but are now feeling frustrated by the fact that his national and international profiles have continued to rise despite their recourse to endless muck-raking character assassination. Such people will stop at nothing to continue to throw obstacles, albeit futilely, on his path.

“We are aware that the same people approached other well-meaning newspapers with the same false information, but they were wise to turn it down on account of its absurdity.”

Jonathan urged the media to be professional and do more of investigative reporting instead of making reference to allegations of aggrieved militants.

He said no responsible security agency would release such falsehood to the press.

The statement added, “From what we know about intelligence gathering, there is no responsible government agency that would rush, as claimed in the newspaper stories, to adopt the accusations of a questionable rebellious organisation as its own findings, without applying the professional processes of rigour and due diligence.

“Our media houses should be careful not to make the country a laughing stock by being hoodwinked into passing off the perverted voices of irritant groups as that of our well-respected official and security authorities.”

The ex-President said newspapers promoting spurious allegations against him were toying with libel and destroying the image of Nigeria.

“Apart from toying with the serious issue of libel, those newspapers lending themselves to be cheaply used by miscreants are also doing gross disservice to our collective good and the image of Nigeria.”


  1. Gibberish talk..

  2. is there any rising profile? just unnecessary noise making!

  3. Hmmm, Rising profile, Ex President should not talk of rising profile because as former president he has a profile ready.

  4. Jonathan's rising profile as a common treasury looter whose thieving tendencies brought us to this sorry pass is not worth anybodys jealousy. He is wallowing in empty and foolish pride which obviously goes before a fall. I don't even know why Buhari is waisting time in arresting him

  5. Hmmm rising profile ke funny, anyway with time we would know

  6. Hassan Aderemi19 August, 2016 18:39

    It's everybody's right to ascribe or arrogate his wishes to himself.

  7. This Man Jona, should keep quite. What raising profile he don't know most of the countries that he visited ppl were laughing at him as symbolic gestures as the worse president on the planet earth.


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