August 03, 2016

EXCLUSIVE | Location where Ijaw Militants are hiding in Lagos

A source around the war zone where the military is bombarding militants who have been vandalizing pipelines, looting houses, kidnapping and killing innocent Nigerians in Ikorodu area of Lagos just sent information to OluFamous.Com about the exact location where the militants are now hiding.

The source said if security agents can go to the location, they would be able to round up the bad guys to prevent them from regrouping to launch another attack in Lagos. Below are the details:
Dear Olu Famous... I was the one who sent you the story about the kidnapping of an RCCG pastor on the very morning it happened. 
The [latest] news is that at Isawo, Ikorodu, there is a place called Oko Ewe by Oluwa Kemi bus stop. Mos of the escaped militants are being house there. 
This place called Oko Ewe, is not a bush but a settlement where they have their houses and always hide whenever they escape from the creeks. 
If the Army ground forces should go in there today, they will easily get them, to prevent them from regrouping again and cause more troubles for innocent Nigerians.


uju oyemelonu said...


Harbolarkale Niyi said...

Let the guy forward the info to the army for serious action against those miscreants

SPACO said...

They should fish them out.

samaila sulaiman said...

Nice info. Hope the army will not waste much time

inumidun said...

Make dem fish dem out sharp sharp..

Jeff Kingsley Jr said...

Uncle Olu u knw the right people to farwad the message to

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