Fake Naval Officer slept with a lady, took her unclad photos & tries to take her blood

An eyewitness shared this story of a suspected ritualist who claim to be Naval Officer to date a lady and take her to hotel for "short time" but with a deadly agenda. The story...
As crowds gathered outside a popular hotel in my area (Big fish restaurant and bar), that run 'short time' things, I tried to inquire what was happening. It turned out that a man took a lady (Runs girl) for a short time and after the first round of s*x, the girl became weak and started feeling sleepy.
As she was resting the man snapped her unclad and brought out something in an attempt to take her blood. She woke up feeling dizzy like someone who has been drugged, but when she notice the man was about to extract blood from her body she  raised alarm.
Workers in the join rush in and grabbed the man. He claimed to be a Naval doctor but when they checked his phone, they saw "terrible things". The blood extractor too was seized. Police was alerted and it turned out the man isn't a Navy officer. 
He has been whisked away to the police station.

Please I was trying to be discreet while snapping so the pics are not too clear but the girl wearing pink was the victim, the man looking towards the camera in black is the suspect.