Female Commissioner in Gov Mimiko’s Government Resigns & Joins APC

What could have happened? It's not easy for a Nigerian politician to resign from such big office.

The Ondo State Commissioner for Community Development and Cooperative Services, Mrs Yetunde Adeyanju has resigned her appointment.

She submitted her resignation letter and issued a press statement where she announced her defection to the national ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). What is her reason?

Giwa Rasheed, a special assistant to Governor Segun Mimiko, also resigned and defected to the APC.

Mrs. Adeyanju said with her resignation from the PDP government, "a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. The relief came from a refreshing freedom from a political family where impunity reigns, freedom from subversion of democratic principles and indeed, freedom from deification of sycophancy.”

The statement continues:” In the last seven years, I have served in various executive capacities in the state. I started as executive chairman of Ondo State Waste Management Board, moved to head Ondo State Development Company Limited as executive chairman and finally, as commissioner in the Ministry of Community Development and Cooperative Services. Wherever I served, I discharged my duties with utmost dedication and unassailable integrity; notwithstanding the culture of greed, avarice and absolute disregard for the masses.”

She added: ”Having exited the conundrum of capricious politics, I have, therefore, decided to align myself with true progressives in the APC. While I salute the patriots in the APC, I also want to hail President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade.

“It is, therefore my great pleasure to renounce my membership of PDP and announce my membership of APC.”


  1. Hmmm, that is life for you. if you party cannot change you change party.

  2. Just giving silly excuses like their is no corruption in APC

  3. Na she knw wetin she c..

  4. They were able to read d hand writing by d wall ni!

  5. she know that pdp will fall another way of collecting post in apc

  6. Long overdue. Will serve your people better wiih APC, welcome.

  7. Hassan Aderemi16 August, 2016 18:29

    She seems to be a smart woman but a person with honour will not just lambast the political party that brought her to lime light. She might say the same thing against APC in future.

  8. politics.

    #Olu, can you see?

  9. Taiwo akinmadelo17 August, 2016 11:58

    Longoverdue. Will serve your people better with APC, welcome.


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