August 08, 2016

Good Father | Donates His Kidney to Save His Three-year-Old Daughter's Life

How far can you go for your own blood? Well this devoted dad has donated a kidney to his toddler daughter to save her life.

37yrs old Lee Chester made the brave decision after his 3-year-old daughter Esme's kidney suddenly failed and she suffered a stroke. At just 3? Serious matter!

Now, he and the little girl are recovering in hospitals and are both doing 'really well', the Manchester Evening News reports. Speaking from his hospital bed, Mr Chester said:

“We are both doing really well. I’m so glad it’s gone well for Esme. She’s eating mashed potato in bed. I’m quite sore so I’ll have to milk it at home for a bit. It really does show the importance of opting in for organ donation. It really does save lives."

On donating his own kidney, he added: "This is something [I believe] that any parent would do..."

Father and daughter before the health crisis.
Doctors are still trying to find out what caused Esme’s kidneys to suddenly fail and why she suffered a potentially-deadly stroke.


Harbolarkale Niyi said...

I'm proud of you man

Jeff Kingsley Jr said...

Blood u dnt joke with it

SPACO said...

Oh my God, this is lovely.

eniola lawal said...

Ehya the bond between parent and their kids is so strong

samaila sulaiman said...

Nice one

inumidun said...

God bless his gud heart..

Hassan Aderemi said...

I used to her sweet mother but this time around its' sweet father. Thank God for the successful operation.

mummy twins said...

Eyaa.God bless u guys

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