Governor Ayade: Why I Fell In Love With Buhari's Style

Ben Ayade, governor of Cross River State has declared his love for President Muhammadu Buhari, boasting that he works harder than most APC governors in projecting the image of Mr. President.

“I am in love with the style and ability of President Muhammadu Buhari as leader of Nigerians. He does not see himself as a party leader but as father of the country. His efforts at streamlining the country’s resources, as well as tackling corruption drew me closer to him.

“Besides, he has shown me love even though I am of the PDP. He gives utmost and prompt attention to my requests,” Ayade said.

Gov. Ayade, according to News Punch, stated that he ended politics soon after the 2015 elections, adding that he would spend the next one year commissioning projects.