Heartless | Guys abduct old woman, she died... they buried her & still collected N5m ransom

A gang of kidnappers were arrested after they abducted an aged woman in her 80's in Ezeagu Enugu and collected N5million ransom for her release, even though she had died in their custody.

What is worst is that they used to tie up the old woman in a forest in the night, go back to their homes to sleep, leaving her all alone in the thick forest daily for about a week. What a heartless bunch!

I heard they initially demanded a ransom of N20m Naira but after much dialogue between the family and kidnappers dey concluded a ransom of N5m which was paid by the family. The family started expecting a call from them on where to pick their mum.

No reply at all. The family started tracing and investigating the guys, through anti-kidnapping squad. Fortunately, they were able to pin down one of the bad guys named Levinus Ude from Enugu in his hideout in Benin. He later confessed that the 85yrs old woman died of cold and dey buried her in the bush. He named other members of the gang such as Obiora Chiji from Umuene and Others.

All the heartless guys were arrested yesterday. The remains of the innocent mama whose body they had buried in a shallow grave has been recovered for a befitting burial by her family. How sad!