HOW COME? Lebanese & Chinese are making it in Nigeria but our people are struggling

It's all about information. Most Nigerians lack access to information and some who have information are not able to raise capital to bring their dreams into reality. Read this interesting revelation:

"Recently I was telling a friend that Cool FM, Wazobia FM, Nigeria Info, Wazobia TV, Cool Link, Chocolate Royal, etc., are all owned by an individual. The guy shouted that this couldn't be true!

So, when I further told him that these companies are infact owned by a foreigner, a Lebanese, the guy almost punched my fine face.

Most Nigerians currently feel like hanging Mr. President.

Particularly, the importers, due to the dollar rise. I've been feeling the same way too, until I had an encounter with a Chinese guy, and I've since realized that i was just naive.

This Chinese guy has a factory that manufactures furniture here in Nigeria. One of his raw materials is wood, which he sources from Nigeria, because Nigerian wood is cheap and of the best quality.

But he has to import other accessories.

However, one of the amazing things he does, since the rise of the dollar, is that he has been importing accessories, yet he has not increased the price of his products.

How come?
The guy has put his wife in charge of the factory, while he spends most of his time in Shagamu, Ogun State, buying timber and exporting to China.

The money from the exported timber that was supposed to be transferred back to him here in Nigeria, is being used to buy the furniture accessories he uses for production.

By so doing, he doesn't need to buy dollar.

So he told me: "Emmanuel, I don't have problem with dollar rising to N500...because I don't need it for anything."

He said his Indian friend does the same thing with Ginger export.

So the Indians, the Chinese and the Lebanese are busy coming up with strategies that have defied the dollar challenge, while Nigerians are shouting 'dollar is high'.

Well...here's food for thought o, my fellow Nigerians.

- Culled


  1. Very interesting piece of written.

  2. Hassan Aderemi16 August, 2016 23:20

    When you are not informed you will be deformed, anybody with ideas or business with little or no take off capital that can fetch reasonable returns should please feel free to share for people to tap in.

  3. You just borrowed Nigeria brain ooooo

  4. May God help me in this country.

    #Olu, can you see?

  5. The truth is that these foreigners has the cash and also have some top politicians sponsoring them.

  6. Maybe u shud do d same since u r more knowledgeble than others. Where's d capital to establish, No bank will give u loan without a strong base[collateral] n when they give they kill your business with lots of interest, how will small n medium scale business thrive? What support are we getting from d govt!!! remember China Govt provide capital for their people in diaspora to establish their businesses In fact Nig govt is looking forward to get loan from dem with their citizen earning junks of does money with award of contract to solely chinese company

  7. Imagine, Nigerians rather dan think of ds will b upandan nailing buhari n criticizing his government..

  8. When u lack information and sometimes paper write anything thinking their right. One Chinese people in Nigeria that produce furniture only buy finish products in china and we custom give them wavier, where by u pay higher for this goods in the name of cb. Am into Furnitures and I know some many of them. Their only told u that their deal in furniture and have factory. Take to factory and I will show that what he is doing their is comple. And what he import is ckd goods. Our problems are their government. In china tell me how many Nigeria that have shop and factory their. I live in gz for 9 years. The police are not friendly with u. Here police worship them like god. Information is powerful call any day and I will tell u that their criminal. Look at mile two o okoko for past four year. In china that road is less than 6 months to complete. Thanks


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