August 09, 2016

I Believe In God, Not In Luck – Says richest woman in Nigeria Folorunsho Alakija

Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija, Nigeria's richest woman, shared inspiring words as part of her 65th birthday celebration that could help many of us live right. You can achieve your life's dreams. Her words:
"I tell you that God never fails to remind me of the covenant I made with him. The truth is that there is nothing you say that God does not hear. Whether it be a whisper or a thought. He hears. Be diligent in your walk with him and you shall eat the good of the land. 
In everything you do, have a pure heart with good intentions towards those around you. I don't believe in luck, I believe in God and to him alone I give all the glory and adoration. So friends… this morning I declare that spiritually, physically and financially, you must move up.

You too shall be celebrated in Jesus name."


SPACO said...

Nice one, i Believe in God too.

Harbolarkale Niyi said...


inumidun said...

Na God sure pass..

samaila sulaiman said...


Hassan Aderemi said...

All things belong to God

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