I don't care if my wife can't cook - Banky W | A wife must know how to cook - Waconzy

Believe it, the latest craze in Nigeria today is that some young ladies don't want to be cooking for their husband and, funny enough, some misguided guys are playing along with them. 

Even the richest woman in Nigeria still cook for her husband, but you see girls, including those who can't survive without money from men coming online to say cooking is not their thing. Smh!

Anyway, while Banky W is taking the Noble Igwe route [they are friends], Wanconzy has a different take on the trending subject of marrying a wife who can cook:

* Banky W told a panel of ladies, including Toke Makinwa on EbonyLife tv that he doesn’t mind doing the cooking in his marriage and Toke was so happy that she even rested on his shoulder on air. Lol! 
* But to a fellow singer Waconzy, a lady who wants to be a wife must be ready to cook, even if it's to prepare just Noodles. His words below:


  1. Banky is not well at all he should go nd check him self

  2. If you are a woman and you dont know how to cook go and learn it.

  3. Dere opinion..

  4. Am sure that is most of the qualities toke lost and someone took her husband

  5. To every man his choice but let's not be selfish to our kids. If a woman who doesn't know how to cook or doesn't cook gets lucky and marry a man who doesn't mind, such woman should do her female child/children a favor by ensuring they learn how to cook because they may not be lucky enough to find a man like their father.

  6. Let banky not decieve. Himself,woman are meant to cook for their husbands it's one of there duties


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